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European Journal of Mathematical Sciences, an international journal, publishes peer-reviewed research articles in the mathematical science. We publish original work regarding both theoretical advances and novel application results from all areas of mathematics and statistics. This is a purposefully broad scope, as our intent is to foster cross-functional exchange among professionals in quantitative disciplines such as pure mathematics, statistical theory, probability, engineering, physical science, social science, econometrics, machine learning, business, operations research, or computer science. As EJMS is dedicated to timely and open innovation, we: strive to follow a streamlined peer-review process, publish article monthly in an electronic format, and make all articles freely available without restriction.

The journal is a forum for mathematicians, operational researchers, statisticians, econometricians, computer scientists, engineers and all scientists using mathematical sciences.

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ISSN: 2147-5512
Launch publication: October 2012. 
The journal is bi-monthly.

Vol 2, No 3

Table of Contents


Synthesis of Adequate Mathematical Description as Solution of Special Inverse Problems PDF
Yuri Leonodovich Menshikov 256-271
Coordinated Search for a Conditionally Deterministic Target Motion in the Plane PDF
Abd El-Moneim Anwar Mohamed, Mohamed Abd Allah El-Hadidy 272-295
Certain Classes of Harmonic Functions Associated with Dual Convolution PDF
Rabha Mohammed EL-Ashwah, Mohammed Kamal Aouf, Fadhl Mohammed Abdulkarem 296-310
Invariant and Reducing Subspaces of Multiplication and Composition Operators PDF
Virender Pal Singh, B.S. Komal 311-319
On Inverse Linear Fractional Programming Problem PDF
Sanjay Jain, Nitin Arya 320-328
On the Fatou Components of Semiconjugated Transcendental Entire functions PDF
Rajesh Sharma, Ajay Kumar Sharma 329-333
Fixed point in semi-linear uniform space PDF
Abdalla Ahmad Tallafha 334-340
Pricing Policy with Time and Price Dependent Demand for Deteriorating Items PDF
Uttam Kumar Khedlekar, Diwakar Shukla, Mahesh Kumar Yadav 341-351
Applying the 0-1 Test for the Detection of Chaotic and Reduced-order Synchronization of Chaotic Systems with Different Dimension PDF
Javad Khaligh, Aghilah Heydari, Siroos Nazari, Somaye Kafashdoost 352-360
A Note on the Non-existence of Limit Cycles of the FitzHugh-Nagumo System PDF
Makoto Hayashi 361-365

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